As maize meal manufacturers, our maize milling process starts with cleaning our grain, and we move on to conditioning the grain. Conditioning the maize is done by using water to make the maize damp and leaving it to condition. These two aspects are crucial steps as it removes ‘foreign material’ such as husk, straw, dust, sand, stones and everything else that is too big that could potentially damage the milling equipment. By dampening the maize, or conditioning it, the moisture ensures that the bran is peeled off. We then use the bran in our animal feed.


Our milling process creates the most top-notch product! We take pride in our work and make use of only the best infrastructure so our products are guaranteed good quality. Our silos and storage facilities are built in such a way, with a direct feeding connection to our plant, which eliminates the possibility of maize contamination because manual handling of the maize is minimised.

Maize Meal Manufacturers


Our goal is to be the best maize meal manufacturers in Africa. To achieve this we have installed the best infrastructure and are using the latest technology. This ensures that we are giving our best to our clients. We know that mealie meal is a staple across Africa and is well-loved by its consumers, and that’s why we take being maize meal manufacturers so seriously.

Maximum Production

Our plant can achieve a maximum production output of 100 tonnes per day

Production Capacity

The installed production capacity of our machine is 4.5 tonnes per hour, allowing us to cater for your needs.

Large Warehouses

We have very big, spaced warehouses which can stock well over 200 tonnes of finished products.


We have full ownership of our trucks for delivering our products to our customers.


We have purchased three 1000 tonne silos which will have a direct feeding connection to the plant.

Eliminate Contamination

The direct link between plant and silos eliminates contamination so our maize is hygienic.


The direct feeding connection ensures that the processing time is quick and efficient.

Regulation Compliant

We own a 1600 square meter warehouse for storage, which complies with  building regulations.

Best Infrastructure

We have installed the latest milling technology, ensuring that our products are of the best quality.

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